Dr. Pornphimon  Metheenukul

Academic staff

Name Last name: Pornphimon  Metheenukul

Academic title: Lecturer

B.Sc., (Medical Technology) Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen,THAILAND
B.P.A.,Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Nonthaburi,THAILAND.
B.Ed., (Educational Measurement and Evaluation),Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University
          Nonthaburi, THAILAND.
M.Sc., (Biochemistry) Mahidol University, Bangkok, THAILAND.

Ph.D., (Biochemistry) Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon Ratchasima, THAILAND.

Field of Research: (Veterinary Microbiology)

Office: Room 1302, 3rd floor, Veterinary Technology Building

Phone: (+66)2-579-8574-5 Ext. 9

Fax:      (+66)2-579-8571

Email:  cvtppm@ku.ac.th




        -Describe your research background

1)  Membrane protein phosphorylation, transglutaminase activity and calcium in Thalassemic erythrocytes

2) Recombinant DNA techniques and recombinant protein expression in Escherichia coli (bacteria), Saccharomyces cerevesiae (yeast), Pichia pastoris (yeast), and Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco leaf)

3)  Detection kit development for influenza virus

4)  Data processing in resistance gene analog (RGA) as genetic marker in grape

   Research topics

1) Antigen Reduction of Dog Red Blood Cell for Blood Transfusion

2) Application of FTIR spectroscopy for studying the effect of galactosidase on the alteration contents of dog erythrocyte

3) Antigen conversion of Dog Red Blood Cell by Glycosidase Enzyme for Blood Transfusion

   Research grant

2010               Kasetsart University Research Grant

2012               Kasetsart University Research Grant

2013-2014       Kasetsart University Research Grant

   Publications (Examples)

Ochiai, K., Watanabe, M., Azakami, D., Michishita, M., Yoshikawa, Y., Udagawa, C., Metheenukul, P., Chahomchuen, T., Aoki, H., Kumon, H., Morimatsu, M., and Omi, T. (2013) Molecular cloning and tumour suppressor function analysis of canine REIC/Dkk-3 in mammary gland tumours. The Veterinary Journal. In Press.

Lakkitjaroen, N., Kaewmongkol, S., Metheenukul, P., Karnchanabanthoeng, A., Satchasataporn, K.,
Abking, N., and Rerkamnuaychoke, W. (2011) Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of Streptococcus suis isolated from slaughter pigs in northern Thailand. Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science). 78-83.

Seehalak, W., Moonsom, S., Metheenukul, P., Tantasawat, P. (2011) Isolation of resistance gene analogs from grapevine resistant and susceptible to downy mildew and anthracnose. Scientia Horticulturae. 357-363.

Chuankhayan, P., Rimlumduan, T., Tantanuch, W., Mothong, N., Kongsaeree, P.T., Metheenukul, P., Svasti, J., Jensen, O.N., Ketudat Cairns, J. (2007) Functional and structural differences between isoflavonoid b-glycosidases from Dalbergia sp. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. 205–216.

Toonkool, P., Metheenukul, P., Sujiwattanarat, P., Paiboon, P., Tongtubtim, N., Ketudat-Cairns, M., Ketudat-Cairns, J., Jisnuson Svasti, J. (2006) Expression and purification of dalcochinase, a b-glucosidase from Dalbergia cochinchinensis Pierre, in yeast and bacterial hosts. Protein Expression and Purification. 195–204.

Tohtong, R., Metheenukul, P., and Wilairat, P. (2002) Status of red cell membrane protein phosphorylation in Thalassemia. ScienceAsia 28: 313-317.

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